To Uttarkashi (from Delhi)

Ever since I was back from Kashmir, I was longing for a drive up the hills. July being the month of rains, was definitely not recommended for a road trip to the hills. The dangers of landslide, shooting stones, flash floods are all too real. But then, you gotta do what you gotta do 😃. Thus, on a wing and a prayer, we set out to the Adobe of Gods, on 2nd July 2016. Not knowing if we will be able to complete the circuit we had planned for or will have to return dejected.

The boring drive out of Delhi

Expecting to avoid the local traffic in Meerut and Muzzafarnagar, we started at around 5 AM from Delhi. Weather was overcast, since it had rained the previous night. I was silently praying it doesn’t rain more.

We were able to cross Modinagar, Meerut without much problems. First break was somewhere along the Muzzafarnagar bypass. Food was average but we gulped it all down in a jiffy! With the hunger taken care of, we resumed our journey.

Roorkee was, as usual, a mess! Thanks to all the nonsensical drivers blocking the highway with one sided traffic. By the time we were out of Roorkee it was already 11 AM. We spent some 15-20 mins admiring the Upper Ganga Canal and the bridge for it over Solani.

It started raining as we were approaching Haridwar. We were hoping it would subside in sometime, but little did we know, it was not only going to stay with us for the rest of the journey BUT was also going to get a lot more worse!

Once out of Rishikesh, we filled up the tank and began our ascent. I was on the curves yet again. Happiness! Soon after though, it became pretty clear, what to expect.

Entering the clouds before Uttarkashi

Traffic was really thin after Rishikesh and got dense only when we approached a biggish town/village. We made numerous stops along the way, to enjoy and capture the beauty. All that green cover we saw, felt almost therapeutic! We were refreshed in no time!

Watch the video to get a “feel” of the drive through clouds.

All that mist on the road, almost made us feel like we were in Hallelujah Mountains! Lol!

Soon we pulled over for lunch, as the rain intensified and it was difficult to see ahead. After having a sumptuous meal, tea and waiting for the rain to subside, we were back on road eventually by 3 PM.

Our destination for the day was still more than 100+ KMs away. But that didn’t matter as we kept stopping every now and then to enjoy the views. It was a holiday for god’s sake, who was keeping time?

Eventually we entered Uttarkashi around 7.30 PM. A good 14 hours 30 mins later since we started from Delhi. The journey had been largely enjoyable thanks to the pleasant weather. It was challenging at times too due to the heavy downpour and near zero visibility! It was however, only a small part of our bigger plan, which depended totally on how the weather would be.

Bhagirathi was flowing in all her glory. Maybe, about 200 m from our balcony. The constant roar of water was a little unsettling but being on higher ground was somewhat reassuring.  Eventually we got accustomed to it. With the hope of a bright sunny morning the day after, we crashed for the night.

Have you ever been to Uttarkashi before? How is the town like? Any photos or stories to share?

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