Barot, Himachal Pradesh – An idyllic holiday destination

Barot is a small village in Himachal Pradesh, around 60kms from Mandi. It was developed in the 1920s by the British as part of the Shanan Power Project. While the majority of the project lies in Jogindernagar, a diversion dam and tunnel lies across the hills in Barot which redirect the waters of Uhl river….

Aru Valley – A hidden gem in Kashmir

Nestled between towering mountains, and flowing streams, Aru Valley is as pristine as it gets. Once you move past the small village, numerous meadows and lakes await you. If you are up for it, some multi-day treks from here can take you to places, you won’t believe exist!

Sattal Trek from Dharali

Sattal is a cluster of 7 lakes at varying altitudes near Dharali. (There is a similarly named place near Nainital too – don’t confuse this one with that). The only way to reach them is to climb up the mountain on your feet. No motor-able roads here. Some of the lakes have dried up over…

Harsil – A supremely beautiful and quiet hamlet

Harsil was our designated stop for the night after Nelang (Nelong) valley. Although we did not cover much distance today, we made up for it by using up all the time we had. Harsil is a small hamlet, close to Gangotri. There is a sizable Army presence here because it used to be a complete…

Nelong Valley – The Ladakh of Uttarakhand?

Nelang (Nelong) Valley was the raison d’être of this whole trip. I wanted to visit Nelong ever since I heard the news of restrictions being lifted. I had to cancel the previous trips due to some or the other reason. Even this trip was on the brink of cancellation due to “Monsoons”. But thankfully, we made…

Scenic drive to Gangotri

We woke up to the rushing sound of Bhagirathi and the same overcast sky. A new day but the same weather. Looked like it would continue to rain. Though our destination for today, Gangotri, was only about 100 KMs away, there was a catch. Locals told us a portion of the highway (to Gangotri) was…

To Uttarkashi (from Delhi)

Ever since I was back from Kashmir, I was longing for a drive up the hills. July being the month of rains, was definitely not recommended for a road trip to the hills. The dangers of landslide, shooting stones, flash floods are all too real. But then, you gotta do what you gotta do 😃….