Sohra, Cherapunjee – To the Abode of Clouds

Sohra or Cherrapunjee, is a small place about 50 kms from Shillong. A fantastic highway through idyllic villages of the East Khasi hills takes you there. But, a major problem is, the views around you will make you stop every few meters. 😄

Sohra – History

The claim to fame of Sohra or Cherrapunjee, is being one of the wettest places on the planet. So, the ideal time to visit this place is monsoons. With a lush green cover all around and overflowing falls in the East Khasi Hills, it makes for a very pretty sight. When we planned the trip, it was in the month of November which sees minimal rainfall. Yes, we did not get to see it in it’s prime, but, hey, it was still better than most other options.

The beauty of the place is such that you will not come back disappointed, whenever you decide to visit.


Sohra – How to reach?

The quickest way to reach Sohra, is to catch a flight till Guwahati, travel by road (NH40) till Shillong, and then onward to Sohra along the State Highway 5 (SH5). The roads are an absolute delight to drive on. The roads in Meghalaya are in a league of their own! Excellent tarmac and proper signage.  The road sense and discipline in the drivers makes driving here, even more pleasurable.

The state highway from Shillong to Sohra passes through some small idyllic villages, which are all spick and span. Mawlyyong has a claim as being the cleanest village in the world, but dare I say, every other village in the state gives it a stiff competition for this title.

Sohra – Points of Interest, Nearby

One of highlights is the limestone cave systems developed over centuries. Some of the famous and ‘tourist’ friendly caves are – Mawsmai, Lawshynna and Mawmluh. All these are pretty elaborate with narrow passages at places. It is an experience you should not miss if you are going that way.

The other obvious highlights of Sohra or Cherrapunjee are the numerous waterfalls that dot the surrounding hills. Some of the most famous ones being – Noh-Kalikai Falls, Seven sisters Falls (called so as there are 7 parallel streams of water falling), Noh-Sngithiang Falls, Kynrem Falls, Dain-Thlen Falls etc.

If you stay here for a longer time, don’t miss these lesser known gems – Ka Khoh Ramhah, Thangkharang Park. The former, in local dialect means, clear view and that is exactly what you get from here. You can see almost as far as the plains of Bangladesh. Thangkharang Park offers a similar view and is pretty close to the Kynrem Falls.

Sohra – Places to stay

There are plenty of hotels available in almost every budget range. So, pick and choose. 🙂

Summing it up

Don’t plan a busy day trip from Shillong (~130 kms). Take it easy, spend sometime with Nature, enjoy the journey, the views, the clouds.

Keep Rocking, keep Roaming!
Share your stories from the valley too, what did you like the most? And when do you plan to return? :)

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